We're making sensitive healthcare needs - like birth control, PrEP for HIV prevention, home HPV tests and more - affordable and accessible for everyone.

Gone are the days of being blindsided by unexpected costs, judgy doctors or pharmacists, long waits for appointments and other health care woes. Nurx is reimagining the healthcare experience by meeting women and men where they are to provide access to sensitive healthcare services they need - conveniently, affordably and compassionately. We're putting patients in control covering birth control, STI testing and treatment, HPV screening and HIV prevention - no scheduling or in-person appointments needed.

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Birth Control. Delivered.

Month: January 2020

Nurx is a subscription service for birth control. It's an easy way for customers who don't have time to sit in waiting rooms or go to pharmacies to get their birth control. It's a simple process - You submit answers to a few quick health assessment questions, our Doctors and medical team review it, write a prescription for the requested birth control, and it's delivered to your door monthly. We have over 50 birth control brands and it can all be done from your couch! Insurance is accepted, and many customers pay nothing, including free delivery. If a customer does not have insurance, it's usually $15 a month depending on the brand chosen. It's a gamechanger for women!

Inserts Per Package: 1

Total Packages: 50,000

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    Packages: 50,000

    Total: $2,500.00

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    Packages: 25,000

    Total: $1,750.00

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    Packages: 5,000

    Total: $400.00

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    Packages: 50,000